Virus confusion - virus deconfusion

23apr18:0019:00Virus confusion - virus deconfusionAttempt at a pragmatic meta-position (part 1)11 Teilnehmer

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Virus confusion – virus deconfusion
Attempt at a pragmatic meta-position (part 1)

The discussion between those who reject viruses as a disease-causing agent and those who see vaccination as the last resort has long been at an impasse. This is despite the fact that the dangers of mRNA vaccines have now even reached the mainstream media.The aim of this first webinar is to shed light on the darkness of the deadlocked discussion and to show the respective mental prisons.
What are viruses anyway and do they make people ill or not?
And how did the confusion in the virus discussion come about?

I will explain these and other basic questions of understanding in this webinar.


(Samstag) 18:00 - 19:00

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